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Repair Your Car On The Cheap - Part 2

Add-on services? Declined!
Add-on services are the money-train for auto mechanics. They often leverage a lack of vehicle knowledge against you, talking you into accepting a boatload of unnecessary services. Head on into those national chains, and they'll be catapulting the things at you! Remember, every "team member" is still a salesperson, required to unabashedly sell additional services that most vehicles don't necessarily need.

Come in as an educated customer, stand your ground, and decline these services. Unsurprisingly, the mechanic will continue the attempt at getting these high-profit services onto your invoice. Your resolve is unbreakable - decline. Stick to your guns, show the mechanics that you know what you want, and they will pull back on their up-sells, saving you a lot of money.

DIY fixes
Apparently, being able to make minor repairs on your own can save you a lot of money. It can also cost money down the line, or even put you at risk if you mess with things without the appropriate knowledge or tools.

Flat tires - A quick Google search will present you with a long list of various techniques for repairing your tires. This cost-saver could have disastrous consequences. Your tires are the only contact your vehicle makes with the road. A poorly repaired tire could result in loss of traction, affecting control and braking, putting you and other motorists at risk. A blowout on a 70mph highway can send you hurtling out of control, potentially resulting in serious injury or death. Don't cut corners on safety. Get tires repaired or replaced professionally.

Places like Les Schwab even offer payment plans.

Body work, paint work, & interiors - It may only be cosmetic, but interior repairs, bodywork, and paint jobs can cost a fortune to have done professionally. Keep in mind that almost all the supplies and tools necessary to make your repairs yourself are available on Amazon or at auto supply stores. The employees at the stores will also be good sources for advice. You can even go down to your local fabric store to find the same or similar materials, and repair the car interior with nothing more than an upholstery needle, scissors, and the appropriate thread.

Helpful YouTube Channels will teach you all you need to know about cosmetic repairs in an easy-to-follow, systematic process.[1]

Final words
Saving your money is a good idea, but ignoring major car issues and safety risks are not. Be honest with yourself about what repairs you can and can't do. If a mechanic seems a little too cheap or if he offers a workaround that patches up a problem instead of fixing it, think twice. While you can't entirely prevent car breakdowns, following the above tips can at least help save you money when repairs come up. Again, remember to read your owner's manual. It can help you to avoid many car malfunctions in the first place.