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Pimp Your Ride On The Cheap - Part 2

Taking care of the inside
Pimping your ride on the cheap should mean more than making the outside look good. You will also want to pay attention to the inside, both the interior cabin and the overall performance. Here are a few tips to enhance your interior and improve its performance at a very low cost.

For interior cleaning:

Vacuum the interior. You can use a regular vacuum, or purchase an inexpensive hand vacuum. Before vacuuming beat out the interior rugs of any dirt and dust that may have accumulated on them. You may also want to wash these rugs by hand to improve their look. With the mats removed, vacuum the interior floor, as well as the seats.

If you have leather seats, use a leather polish. Leather finish will help make your leather seats shine. You can purchase a leather polish and clean the leather with a rag, or use leather polish wipes.

Clean dust and debris from the dashboard area. You can use soapy water and a dedicated rag to clean this area. Avoid using paper towels, which may leave bits of paper behind.

For interior aesthetics:

Purchase a steering wheel cover. These can improve the look of old, worn-down steering wheels, while also providing you a more comfortable ride in the hand.

Purchase decals. Have a favorite sports team? Pimp your ride by buying low-cost decals. These can be placed on the inside window, usually the back window. They're easy to remove if you decide you want to change decals for the season.

Purchase seat covers. Some seat covers can help improve the look of a vehicle with old, worn-down upholstery. If your upholstery is dirty and beyond cleaning, you can purchase classy, inexpensive seat covers that will help make the interior look more inviting.

Buy a new stereo head unit. While costs can vary for head units, a new head unit can help your dashboard look better, while adding new functionality.

For performance enhancements:

Get new spark plugs. New plugs will help your engine start better and faster, especially in cold weather.

Replace your filters. The next time you have your oil changed, have your filters replaced as well. A dirty filter will cause your engine to struggle to take in the air and reduce performance.

Use a higher quality synthetic oil. Your engine oil plays a vital role in overall engine performance. You can squeeze better performance from your engine by using a higher quality synthetic.

With a clean exterior, clean and improved interior and better engine performance, your car might just feel brand new. One thing's for sure: it'll turn a few heads! Just don't tell them how little you had to pay to make it happen.