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How To Find Car Deals Over The Holidays

The holiday season is also the best time of the year to buy new and used cars. New models are rolling in; dealerships are compiling quarterly and annual sales data and calculating bonuses. Everybody is buying Christmas dinners, gifts for the kids, making trips to Grandma's house, so very few are shopping for a new ride. Almost every other retail item is cheaper after the New Year, but vehicles are usually cheaper before the holidays and cheapest of all right between Christmas and New Year. The best time to shop is in the middle of the week, late in the morning or in the afternoon before closing: every salesperson likes to end a day with a deal. If the weather is awful, get out there and pay your dealer a visit. Anything that is keeping other people out of the dealership is going to help you. If you're the only person in the shop, you'll get all the personal attention, and the deals you can make will be even sweeter.

Buying a New Car
If you are thinking of buying a new car, December is the best time to start looking. Manufacturers normally ship the next year's model at year's end, so the dealer will be looking to unload the existing stock as quickly as possible. Dealers will do almost anything to increase their yearly sales figures before the end of the year cut-off. You can get deals on financing as well. Salespeople will negotiate better prices, add-ons, and financing to increase their sales figures. You can find all sorts of incentives for certain models, such as 0% financing. Surprisingly, it may sometimes be possible to get better incentives on the next year's model, so be sure to check the incoming stock too. Shop around in December, but wait to make an offer until the last days of the month. The incentives will all be on your side, and you'll get the best deal.

Salespeople are paid extra money if they meet certain sales levels. Sometimes this is specific to a particular model that the manufacturer is pushing. It is possible that a salesman is very eager to make a good deal and lose a little commission if they can earn a hefty bonus. With this in mind, you should always try to buy on the last day or two of a month. Buying in December usually means better incentives and manufacturer's rebates, as manufacturers strive to increase their sales numbers for the year. For both the manufacturer, the dealer and the salesman, the holidays are the last few feet of a race, and they are willing to do anything to get to that finish line first.

Sometimes it's difficult to know whether you got a good deal or got taken. Dealers are very good at hiding costs and making certain features or incentives seem more important than they are. If you go to the dealer knowing what you want, what you're willing to accept, and what things should cost, you have a better chance of negotiating a good deal. Always prepare as well as you can before you go to a dealership, and don't hesitate to pull out your phone, go online, and check details while you are there. Sites like Kelley Blue Book, Cars Direct, and Edmunds will give you package price and finance information as well as basic model stats. Many of these sites will compare deals in your area. They even rank the best deals, considering price, incentives, quality and selling points. See the links at the end of this article!

Using these buying guides should help you navigate the great deals from the lemons and the great deals from the duds.

Buying a Used Car
December is also a great time to buy a used car. There will be a larger pool of used cars available in December, meaning more choices, better quality, and a greater incentive for the dealer to get the vehicles off the lot. Again, this is the time when most people are spending on family, feasts, and gifts, and most people aren't looking to stretch their holiday dollars to include a car purchase. Sales staff are willing to go the extra mile to make those end-of-year sales quotas and earn bonuses: they want to make deals. It's a win/win situation for both the seller and buyer. The buyer gets a better deal, and better choices than he might otherwise, and the seller gets a last minute opportunity to increase earnings and importance in the sales force. Remember that sales staff want to top off their monthly sales figures, so the end of the month is always your best friend.

Also remember that although the end of the year is a great time to buy, that doesn't mean that every deal a dealer offers is going to be a great one. If you're too eager, salespeople won't hesitate to slip a lemon your way. Keep your guard up and follow all of the usual procedures for checking out a used car. Don't seem too eager, and don't get too excited. Make the salespeople work to get their deal, and make them give you the best offer you can get. The links below will give you up to date information on deals in your area, so use them!

The holiday season coincides with the end of the sales cycle and the introduction of new stock as well as trade-in of old stock, as well as an economy that isn't geared to cars at all but to Christmas, gifts, travel, bonuses and preparing for winter. Manufacturers and dealers both are eager to sell their old stock and top off their sales numbers. It's the time when salespeople most want to top off their personal sales figures and earn bonuses. Nobody wants to buy a car when they have so many other things to spend on, but if you can put money away and plan well, you can use that trend to your advantage and get that deal that only comes when nobody else is buying. Dealers want to move cars off the lot and will be happy to give you a good deal if it also serves their best interest as well. Remember to research your choices thoroughly and take time to understand how much the car should cost, and you may walk away with a great Christmas car deal!

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