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Cars are a huge part of our lives, and many of us would have a hard time living without them. Getting to and from work, getting our kids to school, getting our groceries back to our tables, and just plain getting around are all about our cars. We use them every day, and many of us treat them like family members.

That love for cars is why is here. We looked at the hundreds of car sites that are out there and realized that while it might be fun to have an occasional look at what the 1% are doing to their cars, most of us aren't celebrities, and most of us can't afford the latest and the hottest. That doesn't mean we don't need our cars, and we also need up to date information to keep ourselves on track when buying, supporting, and caring for them. is a one-stop resource base for everything about cars, specifically aimed at people with tight budgets who still need personal transport. If it's about cars, you'll find it here, from information on issues like insurance, financing, and other financial matters to nuts and bolts tips on maintenance and upgrades to practical guides on unpleasant events like accidents and theft. We believe that cars and reliable information about cars should be for everybody, not just for the rich! is not affiliated with any government agency or other official organization, and we can only provide information. We try to give you useful, practical, well-researched articles that will make it easier to buy, maintain, drive, and even sell your vehicle. If there's anything you'd like to see that's not here, let us know!

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